5 Golden Tips To Grow Your Personal Finance In 2017

Created: 2017-06-09 08:00:00

We all could use with a better-looking bank balance in the middle of the month, which means making money earned last longer. Personal finance is an aspect of your life that you must figure out to have a safety net in the case of emergencies and other scenarios in life that require money.

For some, it will take tremendous effort to get their personal finances in check, but all it takes is smart decision making and following the following proven ways to get and stay on track.

Know Your Net Worth

To make progress, you must take into account where you are in the present and make plans for the future. Start by tracking your net worth by calculating the difference between your assets and liabilities, including short-term loans you have taken out. It will open you to all the aspects of your finances and help you to visualize and create the big picture.

Keep tracking your net worth to stay appraised and monitor the success of the tips below.

Clear Debt

Access to debt is not as expensive as thought unless you default and take longer than expected to pay off the debt. Short term loans such as credit card loans are the sure way to get the money you require for a project or everyday use. According to statistics on personal debt, the average households have at least $10,000 in debt. However, this could hurt your credit score.

When growing your personal finances clearing debt ought to be the very first things to do. This will open up avenues for accessing financing for your projects in 2017. It also reduces the amount of money you are paying interest on your short term loans. Create a plan to clear your debt as soon as possible to grow your personal finances.

Taking stock of your net worth will help you in knowing how much to allocate short term loans and debts in the shortest time possible.


Everything in this world is in writing, and you have an endless supply of books, eBooks, blogs, and websites to expand your knowledge on how to grow your personal finances. It is never too late to start, and an online search will give you materials on finances and short term loans. Through reading, you will encounter proven ways and golden tips on how to align your behavior to growing your personal finances.

Read books on short term loans and how to create a budget for managing the cash advances. You will find enlightenment on financial management. Some of the best books to read include The Wealthy Barber by David Chilton, Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey, et al. you will get many tips, but only take those that are in line with your personal finance goals.


Most people know of savings accounts in banks that pay a dismal simple interest. This has led individuals to seek alternative ways to grow their personal finances including taking out short term loans to start businesses. Be cautious to decipher pyramid schemes, which will leave you broke than before. Do a local online search and identify the companies and schemes that offer compound interest on their client’s savings.

These alternatives to banks can help you grow your personal finances and offer you short term loans with competitive interest rates than those banks offer.


The next best tip to growing your personal finances is by making smart investments. There are endless opportunities that you can use to increase your personal finances. In 2017, the real-estate investment is nearly going bust with an oversupply of both commercial and residential buildings. Investment markets will hardly go bust, and an individual like Warren Buffet continues to make money to this day from the markets more than 60 years later after he started.

With the advancement in technology, information has become readily accessible, and it is less daunting than before. Depending on the value of your portfolio, you can use your share certificate(s) to secure short term loans.


The primary goal of growing your finances ought to have enough money to sustain your lifestyle even after you have stopped working. With the above and more tips on how to grow your finances, remember to think long term and top up your pension. In your budget, increase your pension allocations every time you note an increase in your finances.

Short term loans can also help you to start a business where your passion lies, but it will require proper business training. The whole experience will teach you more about money than any class more so the discipline to be frugal.

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