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We search and compare multiple lenders and brokers for the best possible loans for our customers and match their requirements.

At Cash Kitty we take the need of our applicants into consideration by searching and comparing multiple lenders and brokers for the best possible loan for them and their requirements. We make applying for a short term loan so simple, as there is no paperwork to sign, just our online application form which is simple and easy to follow. The process takes a few of minutes to complete with a quick decision when it's completed.

Cash Kitty work hard every day in dealing with short term loans for people who need it most. We have great relationships with multiple leading lenders and brokers to give people the best possible chances of being approved for a short term loan.

The process of getting a short term loan with Cash Kitty couldn't be easier, simply choose your loan amount and the duration of your loan, you do this using our simple online application form and we will provide you with a great lender who can provide you will the funds you require.

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Why might you consider applying?
  • Fill in one simple form
  • No papework required
  • We don't charge any fees
  • Personal details are 100% secure

A short-term loan with Cash Kitty is a great way to get some quick extra cash to get by in many examples such as an unexpected emergency. Since short-term loans are mainly for paying off quick bills within a few months, it makes getting a short-term loan with Cash Kitty easier than ever before.

A short-term loan could cost a lot less than another type of loan, however, the longer you borrow, the more interest you could end up paying on your loan.

Use a short-term loan for anything with Cash Kitty, simply apply online using our simple application form, and within minutes of being accepted you could have your loan within your bank account. Subject to terms and conditions.

Cash Kitty short term loans

Is a short term loan right for you?

Getting a short-term loan with Cash Kitty is quick way of getting some extra cash, however, you first do need to ask yourself a few questions before applying for a short-term loan with Cash Kitty.

  1. Do you need to spend the money?
  2. Do you have other ways of financing the purchase?
  3. Can you afford to pay the money back?

These are just a few questions to ask before considering a loan with Cash Kitty. Should you find yourself taking loans out frequently, then our short term loans may not be the best option for you.

If you need to borrow money for longer, consider a longer term loan.

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