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We use only Session Cookies on our website. These are temporary files, which are erased when you close your browser. If you restart your browser and come back to this site it will not recognise you, and any information you have already entered on your Application Form will be lost. A new session cookie will be generated and you will have to restart your loan application from the beginning.

You can think of session cookies as a sort of 'bookmark' to help you pick up where you left off - for instance, if you need to find some of the relevant information while you are in the middle of filling in your Application Form. Without these cookies, the server would have no 'memory' of what you have filled in, and it would not know which page to present to you next.

We use session cookies to enable you to complete your form smoothly. Information will be held temporarily as you complete your details from page to page, so that your completed form can be submitted when you click 'Apply' at the end.

No other cookies are used on this website, and we do not store cookies on your device.

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