Oct 30, 2019

Rely on CashKitty for Funding during Emergencies

Everyone should plan for an emergency. It could be a medical or financial emergency. It can be any other type of unforeseen difficulty that should be dealt with promptly and effectively. Unfortunately, it is not practically possible to plan for all types of emergency. Very few people have enough money to spare to protect their interests at all times. If and when an emergency is upon us, one of the quintessential requisites to resolve the crisis is money.

There are healthcare plans for medical emergencies. But they do not always cover all types of expenses. There are fallouts as well. Healthcare cost is only one major aspect of a medical emergency. Loss of wage and other issues are real problems. Every major crisis has its immediate and implied effects. A person needs adequate funds to steer through such a crisis.

CashKitty has Loans for All Types of Emergencies

While money can empower a person to deal with an emergency to a great extent, there is a shortage of options to secure the required funds. People do not buy houses or cars when they are in a crisis. Those who have a line of credit can certainly fall back on it during an emergency. Others will need to seek help from friends and family or explore short term loans, such as payday loans.

CashKitty has several lenders that routinely provide payday loans to people during emergencies. These are short term loans. Most of them are unsecured loans so no asset is needed as collateral. The payday loans are available as per the income of a borrower and not their credit score. Hence, those who do not have a great credit history can still apply and hope to get the required funds. The funds available are capped on the basis of eligibility and the policy of a lender. It is not realistic to expect thousands when the income of a person does not qualify but securing a few hundred can be realistic.

CashKitty can be relied upon for funding during emergencies due to their network of lenders, ease of approval and more importantly, the turnaround time. It has to be noted that having access to funds or being able to apply for a loan is not the only criterion for a platform to be suitable during emergencies. The turnaround time is crucial. It is possible for eligible borrowers to get a loan approved in a matter of minutes. Emergencies do not provide much time for people to respond. The required sum of money should not only be available but it should be usable within a specified period of time. 

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