What is Short term debt financing

Created: 2018-03-05 11:00:00

Companies hold an account which lets them make any major payment with ease. This account spans for the duration of the current fiscal year, or 12 months, whichever is farther. Also known as micro-lending, it is a form of short term loans given to the enterprise or an individual by the NBFC's. As a result, these loans are very easy to take. Also, rate of these loans is quite low, so one can easily pay them in a small time.

If a person takes a short term debt to cover his expenses, then the money lending will not charge him any interest for the first 20 days or until the coming payday. As the money is debited (whole or in some parts) it is also called payday loans. These loans provide an extra line of credit to individuals. The NBFC (Non-Banking Financing Company) is a private enterprise that offers such credit limits to the individuals.

Short term debt financing for a company

Thy formula to financial success for an enterprise is by maintaining a good credit account or short term loan. An enterprise must maintain a good account. The state of the account will indicate the performance of that company during that fiscal year. If a company's debt is more than its cash inflow of that fiscal year, then the company seems to have incurred losses. This state is due as the company is not making enough profits to cover its expected payouts. These expected payouts can be in the form of salary payments, buying of machinery or paying other bills. This short term loan allows a company to function a normal rate, even if it hasn't had a clash inflow in recent. When a company gets moderate cash flow, it can then cover its short term loans.

Short term debt financing for an individual

Short term loans are like credit accounts for individuals. The individual can quickly get a loan for any small expense, be it house rebuilding, furniture buying or travel. As a result, the person would be able to cover any future expense. This loan can then be paid off in two ways, either in installments, or in complete. So it is up to the individual to choose the form of payment.

Other financing options

If those who have wondered how get a short term loan, they must head over to Cash Kitty then it is a database of micro financing company. It can easily help by offering short term loans to individuals. The micro financer doesn't follow the ideologies of an NBFC. So getting a loan through the database isn't very difficult. The person has to meet just the minimum requirements. As a result, individuals often choose Cash Kitty for short term finances.

Why CK?

CK offers options for easy debt financing. So an individual can take a loan without any hassle. Also, the time taken to get the loan approval is quite low. Approvals can be generated in less than 30 minutes. Also, the money will be credited in the same working day. CK is a database of all money lending companies. CK would match the individual with a broker. He can then lend the money. Also, it does not charge a commission. So no extra money needs to be paid.

Cash Kitty loan is easy to take. The database aims to match the right lenders, with the right client. These loans are at simple rates. The lender would have to pay just a little amount as interest. CK just asks the bank details of the person. However, the bank details are only used to verify the person's banking history. The lender would not deduct and money from the bank account. So the client can be sure that the bank account will remain untouched. Cash Kitty loans are easy to take. So the clients don't have to wait a long time to get their loan approved.


Eligible individuals can apply for various loans. If there is a travel plan to cover, or some urgent monetary assistance is required, then use the specialized search engine of the website to find prospective clients. Using this database is the key to financial success.

Warning: Late repayments can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk