Benefits of Checking your Credit Score with Cash Kitty

Created: 2019-09-17 09:00:00

Ideally, you should be aware of your credit score all the time. Credit history or the real time score does not change every day. It is only updated when there is some cognisable record of financial transaction. A loan, repayment or an installment, failure to repay or eventual settlement and other such developments get documented and these influence the credit score. Many people have annual credit reports delivered to them in email. Many get monthly reports as well. You do not need to keep an eye on your credit score every day or even weekly but you should know if there is any substantial change. You should know your score before applying for a loan. This is primarily why you should check your credit score with Cash Kitty.

Free Trial Period

The first noteworthy benefit of checking your credit score with Cask Kitty is of course you get to know the figure. This enables you to assess whether or not you are eligible for a particular type of loan from a chosen lender. Additionally, you get a free trial period so you are not really paying anything to know your score in real time. Your score may have changed since the last time you checked or it might be the same. Being aware is better than getting turned down by a lender.

Financial Management and Eligibility

Cash Kitty shall not only let you know the score but also how lenders are going to view the data. This is crucial. Lenders do not have an identical approach to viewing credit score and assessing eligibility of a borrower. Many people have joint accounts and combined financial assets or liabilities. These affect the credit score too. You can have a much more lucid understanding of your credit history with the report from Cash Kitty. This can help you to improve financial management and thus enhance your eligibility.

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